Statement 2009

I am interested in the fundamentals of painting; the specific materials and unique abilities of the discipline. My paintings seek to reflect this, they acknowledge their own materiality and physicality, promoting their essential nature above all else.

The manner in which the paint is applied establishes the picture as both a portal and an object.  A horizon line straightforwardly implies depth, creating a landscape waiting to be occupied. The images that emerge on the surface of the paintings never stray far from the elemental; the illusion of a three dimensional structure never stops being a flat area of paint. My paintings are visual as opposed to conceptual; it is what they are, rather than what they are about, that is important.

Although painting is first and foremost visual, it is also evidential and one of its greatest strengths is its ability to demonstrate the endeavour of an individual. A painting is a physical record of its creator’s practice. It is the manifestation of his or her intent. In the production of my work I am creating relics of my own practice, modest monuments to an endeavour.

I am interested in painting that addresses concerns specific to painting, work which relies on, and relates to, the strengths of the medium.

Neill Clements